DIY Ironing Board ReCover

dirty ironing board cover

This DIY ironing board re-cover is a very simple sewing project requiring no measuring, no pattern, and one straight seam. I finally got fed up with having a really ugly ironing board. I use it so often, it really should be pretty, right? Or a least not stained and gross.

trim fabric to fit ironing board

I started by draping some white stretch-knit I had in my stash over the length of the board. I cut the fabric about an inch lower than the edge of the board all around. I originally though I didn’t need much ease because my fabric is stretchy. Now that I’ve made it, I’d recommend going 1 1/2 or 2 inches lower than the edge, especially if your fabric isn’t stretchy.

sew half inch seam

Pull the fabric off, flip the edge over by 1/2″, and sew it down, leaving a 1″ opening at the big flat end of the board. You can pin the fabric over or iron it over before you sew, or just fold as you go, whichever makes you more comfortable.

safety pin to pull lace through tube

Take a long cord (I actually used lace hem tape), put a safety pin in the end of it, and thread it through the edge of the cover that you just sewed down. Put the cover on, cinch it tight, and tie your cord.

ironing board cover tied with lace bow

Not that anyone will be peeking underneath my ironing board, but I know she has a pretty lace bow.

white ironing board cover

So crisp! So clean! So much better!