The Amazings: Retro Hairstyles

amazings rockabilly hair do

Have you heard of the Amazings? I think they’re a pretty amazing company. They’re a UK based company with a mission – to keep knowledge alive by curating online classes where elders teach skills to new generations (that’s us!). “Our amazing elders earn as you learn.” I’ve been working my way through my first Amazing class – Retro Hair Dos with Michael. The production values on the Amazing classes could be more polished, but you really feel like you’re sitting down in the living room with the elder, having a conversation with them while they pass on their expertise. In Retro Hair Dos, Michael teaches how to do a 1930’s chignon, a 1950’s rockabilly, and a 1960’s Bardot hairstyle, all of which aren’t too complicated but have swoon-worthy results. I watched the 60 minutes of footage through twice, bought some hot rollers, and attempted to do the rockabilly style myself. …


Chocolate Brown Hair

Flirtatious brown hair

It’s no secret that I can’t go very long without doing something to my hair. Since I’ve been growing it out, it has felt decidedly boring and it became time to do something again. So, I went dark for the first time ever. I love it!

Bottom Layers Hair Dye

Bottom Layer Hair Dyed Red

It’s no secret that I get antsy when I haven’t done anything to my hair in a while. “A while” can range from weeks to months. While I am a big proponent of experimenting with one’s hair, this can be a bit challenging if (like me right now) you’re trying to grow out your hair and don’t want to damage it or cut off length. Also, I hate having to deal with roots and I’m too broke to get anything done professionally. So, what I decided to do is to get a bottle of red hair dye, and dye the bottom half of my hair. What that gives me is a tiny peek of red from the side. No change from the front. And a pretty red that blends out of the bottom of my hair as seen from the back. The perfect solution for a bit of fun with …

Relating the Colors Worn to the Pigmentation of the Hair and Eyes (1931)

hues found in eyes

The latest in a series of excerpts from “A Correct Costume Enhances the Wearer: Color and Line in Dress”┬áby Laurine Hempstead, copyright 1931 – a delightful book on dressing to complement your figure with vintage tips that hold true today. Chapter VI: Relating the Colors Worn to the Pigmentation of the Hair and Eyes The effect of colors upon the hair and eyes should be carefully considered, even though these points should be subordinated to that of selecting colors becoming to the skin. The person with a slender and well-proportioned figure, who need not fear increasing her size or emphasizing her silhouette and who has a clear, healthy complexion, can wear almost any beautiful color. She may consider her eyes and hair first, emphasizing whichever is the more attractive feature. Occasionally persons with unusually beautiful hair or eyes can afford to wear colors enhancing their most distinctive feature, even at …

A Correct Costume Enhances the Wearer: The Hairdress Shapes the Face

1930's Hairstyles

I just found the most wonderful vintage book on how to dress for your figure. A Correct Costume Enhances the Wearer: Color and Line in Dress by Laurine Hempstead with Sketches and Color Samples Copyright 1931 It starts with the face and discusses things like coloring, jewelry, and hair. It moves to the body offering tips for problems such as large hips and round shoulders. It then goes through ages from children, to “the miss in her ‘teens”, through to elderly women. I’m so in love with this book and I think it’s so wonderful that I’ll be sharing excerpts. The book has the most delightful vintage feel to it, beautiful illustrations, and genuinely good advice. I hope you love it as much as I do! It begins: Part I: Faces Any woman can approach beauty through manipulation of line and color to her advantage. A correct and becoming costume …

Playing Dress Up: Pink Hair Extensions

pink hair extensions

On my lunch break yesterday (while working from home), I took a short walk and ended up popping into a new-ish hair salon that advertises hair extensions in their window. I wanted to see what colors they had and get some more info about it. The lady was super sweet and apparently a really great saleswoman, because next thing I knew she had me in the chair trying one just to see. And it looked cute. So I said to go ahead with the rest. I chose the pink and she tossed in a few blonde. I’ve done a lot of different things with my hair. A lot. I’ve been working hard to grow it out, grow my bangs out, and make it a (mostly) natural color. But after a while I get bored. And itch to do something else with it. I’m hoping these will stave off the itch …

Bachelorette Hair Clips

Bachelorette hair clips

My cousin is getting married this fall. I am so excited in so many ways. First, I’m thrilled that she’s getting married. Her fiance is a wonderful man and they make a wonderful couple. Second, I’m thrilled to be a part of the wedding and to be able to celebrate it with her and the rest of our family. Third, I’m stoked to go to Nashville for the first time for the bachelorette party! I thought I would make a fun little contribution to the bachelorette celebration. I’m not one for the typical bachelorette debauchment or accoutrement (i.e. not so thrilled to make phalluses a part of my party clothes). Instead, I’ve borrowed a wonderful idea from another friend’s bachelorette party. I made floral hair clips for each gal joining the celebration. And I made a special one for my cousin with some white tulle. Construction was super simple. I …