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Sewing Notions Organization

One last project in my Organize January. Man, it’s felt good to get things organized. One drawer in my desk holds miscellaneous sewing supplies. My original thought was that it would hold bobbins, pins, the project that I’m currently working on (as if there is only one at a time, ha!), things that need to […]

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Mom Made Birthday Presents

In honor of my birthday last week, and my visit to my mom’s house over the weekend, this week of posts is going to be todo sobre mi madre. In short, my mom is amazingly creative and talented and inspiring. She’s a phenomenal quilter, applique-er, and stitcher, amongst so many other talents and I’m so […]

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Salvage Bra Parts

I’ve been thinking about bras a lot recently. I haven’t bought a new bra in a few years which means that my old bras have worn out. As in “OMG these are falling apart and underwires are poking out and into me and is it really possible that my cup size has gone up well […]

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