Button Storage

button storage 4

I know not all sewists accumulate large stashes of sewing supplies, but I certainly do. Buttons have always been something that have stymied me a bit – how do I organize my button stash so that it is functional? I’ve stumbled onto a solution that makes things both organized and pretty, so I thought I would share! I have purchased almost none of the buttons in my stash – they are the sort of thing that I have inherited from friends and family (including from a couple of my grandmothers). Accordingly, they range from single buttons to sets of more than a dozen. I divided my buttons out by the number of buttons in the set, since I hardly want to dig through all of them if I know I need many of the same button. I put together one jar of single buttons, one jar of sets of 2-5, …


I Am Organized


I really like to organize things. I was that kid that had the 100 piece marker set who spent more time pouring the markers on the ground and re-arranging them in the case than I did actually coloring with them. That’s still pretty close to an accurate description of me – I spend a lot of time organizing and arranging things because I enjoy doing so. When my sew-jo is lagging, I’ll pull something off the shelf – like my sewing books – and arrange them in a different order – thematically, alphabetically, by color, by height. The end result isn’t really what matters, its the process. I calm and organize my mind by physically organizing the things around me. And quite often the process of re-organizing makes me look at old objects in a new light. I’ll realize I never read that book on 1940’s fashion or I’ll have …


Tutorial: Zippered Roll for Double Point Knitting Needles

double point knitting needle roll

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to keep certain things organized. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to organize things, especially craft supplies – for example my bias tape collection is neatly organized by both width and color. But somehow my drawer of knitting supplies is always out of control and one of the biggest offenders is my double point needles (dpns) that always seem to fall out of my regular knitting needle case. So, I sewed an organizer that zips shut to show those dpns who’s boss! To make the pouch, you will need 2 identical zippers, some fabric, and a length of ribbon. The exact measurements are up to you (and I’ll talk you through them below), but for reference, I used 2 – 16″ zippers, 2 pieces of fabric that were 12″ x 32″, and 2 pieces of 28″ ribbon. The zippers will determine how …


Closet ReOrganization

reorganized shoes and purses

I have a small closet in my bedroom. And I have to share it with my boyfriend. This has been a point of contention between us since we moved in together, 1 1/2 years ago. We’re both only-children, so sharing space isn’t a strong point for either of us. He thinks that he should get half the closet since it’s half his home. I think he should just get rid of the clothes he doesn’t wear and then there would be plenty of space for me to take over the closet. We had to agree to disagree for the sake of our relationship.

How to Mark a Book for Trade or Sell in Ravelry

Ravelry Will Trade or Sell

While organizing my knitting pattern library in Ravelry, I noticed that there is the option to mark pattern books and magazines as available for sale or trade, but it took me a bit of mucking about to figure out how to do so. I put together this little tutorial to help anyone that might be curious to do so themselves.


Sewing Notions Organization

organized sewing notions drawer

One last project in my Organize January. Man, it’s felt good to get things organized. One drawer in my desk holds miscellaneous sewing supplies. My original thought was that it would hold bobbins, pins, the project that I’m currently working on (as if there is only one at a time, ha!), things that need to be readily accessible. What it has become is a dumping ground for things that I don’t seem to want to take the time to organize appropriately. So, I organized it.


My Stash is Out of Control

Grey cat in fabric stash

As part of my Organize January mission, and inspired by the stashbusting sewalong, I decided to take every piece of fabric I own off the shelf, measure it, organize it into piles, fold it back on the shelf, and make a spreadsheet quantifying my stash. Oh my goodness I have a lot of fabric. I have 254 yards of stashed fabric. Even I will admit that it’s a bit excessive. If I don’t count fabric that I have been given and don’t count fabric that I’ve had since highschool, it leaves me with 100 yards. That’s still a lot. So, I’m putting it out to the world that I’m happy to share my fabric! I’ve photographed everything and listed a description and yardage in the same order as the picture.  So, if anything catches your eye, let me know!!

Kitchen Organization

Rubbermaid Kitchen Containers

Much like the closet organization that I did, the trick for me to organize the kitchen is to buy way too many bins for organizing. I did a bunch of looking around and settled upon Rubbermaid as being cost-effective, sturdy, and all the sizes stacking nicely. And then I bought a ton of them.

Closet Organization

Organized Bathroom Cupboard

I’ve been going through closets like a mad-woman recently and I think I’m finally happy with the organization. The trick, in my opinion, is to buy a ton of plastic containers. Way too many of them. Then, in sorting your things into containers, you’ll have to make conscious choices about what you want to keep and how it should be labeled. And you’ll eventually come up with ways to use all the bins and many closets will be the better for it.

Thrift Store Scores

large mexican basket on floor

Still looking for furniture, I went to the thrift store again on the way home from a not-too-long day in the lab. Guess what I found! The teacups that match the Corelle plates that I found last week! I found a cute little mid-century dresser that fits perfectly in the one little gap in our sewing room/office/guest room. Adam wants a way to organize his office supplies better and a place to set the printer that isn’t the floor. I put drawer organizers in the top shelf. I bought him some expanding folders, but if that doesn’t work for him, I have ideas about how to turn the bottom two shelves into a hanging file-folder. We’ll see what the verdict is when he gets home and gets used to it. Finally, I found this cute basket to hold my butcher paper, yarn swift, roll of buckram, rolled oilcloth, and wrapping …

Stuff Sack for Inflatable Mattress

Stuff Sack for Inflatable Mattress

I’m lucky enough to live in a 2 bedroom apartment, but because I live in San Francisco, the 2nd bedroom is tiny and has to serve as my sewing room, Adam’s office, and our guest room. To make this possible, we bought a really nice inflatable mattress that is comfortable enough that even our parents can sleep on it. Unfortunately, after we took it out of its nylon stuff sack for the first time, we have never been able to fold it back small enough to fit again. Because it hasn’t fit in a sack, it’s been shoved awkwardly from one closet to another, never staying together, and in constant risk of puncture. I decided to sew a stuff sack for the inflatable mattress out of some gifted upholstery fabric in my stash. Not much exciting to share on the construction end – It’s a big rectangle. I serged the …