Sewing Notions Organization

One last project in my Organize January. Man, it’s felt good to get things organized. One drawer in my desk holds miscellaneous sewing supplies. My original thought was that it would hold bobbins, pins, the project that I’m currently working on (as if there is only one at a time, ha!), things that need to be readily accessible. What it has become is a dumping ground for things that I don’t seem to want to take the time to organize appropriately. So, I organized it.


My Stash is Out of Control

As part of my Organize January mission, and inspired by the¬†stashbusting sewalong, I decided to take every piece of fabric I own off the shelf, measure it, organize it into piles, fold it back on the shelf, and make a spreadsheet quantifying my stash. Oh my goodness I have a lot of fabric. I have 254 yards of stashed fabric. Even I will admit that it’s a bit excessive. If I don’t count fabric that I have been given and don’t count fabric that I’ve had since highschool, it leaves me with 100 yards. That’s still a lot. So, I’m putting it out to the world that I’m happy to share my fabric! I’ve photographed everything and listed a description and yardage in the same order as the picture. ¬†So, if anything catches your eye, let me know!!

Kitchen Organization

Much like the closet organization that I did, the trick for me to organize the kitchen is to buy way too many bins for organizing. I did a bunch of looking around and settled upon Rubbermaid as being cost-effective, sturdy, and all the sizes stacking nicely. And then I bought a ton of them.

Closet Organization

I’ve been going through closets like a mad-woman recently and I think I’m finally happy with the organization. The trick, in my opinion, is to buy a ton of plastic containers. Way too many of them. Then, in sorting your things into containers, you’ll have to make conscious choices about what you want to keep and how it should be labeled. And you’ll eventually come up with ways to use all the bins and many closets will be the better for it.

Recipe Organization

I’m pretty much always an organized person. I like things to have an order. I like to put things in order. I make a special effort every January to start the new year with a suite of organization projects. I like the new year to start on an orderly foot! Over the next couple of weeks I’m bringing you a round of posts on the things that I am doing to Organize January. I hope they can inspire you to do a bit of organizing too!