New Art from Jeremy Novy and Mark Lifvendahl

Jeremy Novy Koi on Glass

Before Adam and I moved in together, I lived in a studio apartment above the Orbit Room,¬†and beautiful stenciled koi were painted all over the sidewalk below my window. In fact, these beautiful painted fish are on sidewalks all over San Francisco and their simple and elegant images, to me, will always be a striking reminder of my time in this vibrant city. Imagine my surprise when walking through the cute town of Guernville, CA (where I first wore and photographed my new paisley Anna dress) when I saw a series of the koi stenciled on the sidewalks. I didn’t know much about Guernville or the elusive koi artist at the time, but have since learned that it’s not as incongruous as my initial thoughts. Guernville is actually something of a vacation mecca for queer Bay Area folks and Jeremy Novy is himself an openly queer artist (with a mission …


Closet ReOrganization

reorganized shoes and purses

I have a small closet in my bedroom. And I have to share it with my boyfriend. This has been a point of contention between us since we moved in together, 1 1/2 years ago. We’re both only-children, so sharing space isn’t a strong point for either of us. He thinks that he should get half the closet since it’s half his home. I think he should just get rid of the clothes he doesn’t wear and then there would be plenty of space for me to take over the closet. We had to agree to disagree for the sake of our relationship.


Fractal Crochet Tablecloth

modern crocheted white lace tablecloth

My first ever crochet project. It’s Fractal doily pattern by Essi Varis, available on Ravelry. Being my first project, I decided to go for a larger hook than the pattern calls for so that I would easily be able to see the stitches. So, instead of petite doily, I ended up with a tablecloth. I’m happy with it, regardless!

Spider Plant Almost-Craft

Spider Plant in Teacup

I tried to make a craft out of re-potting baby spider plants, but it didn’t work. I bought a set of teacups and saucers from the thrift store. I planned on drilling through the bottom of the teacups so that they worked well as little pots. I bought a drill bit intended for drilling ceramic and glass. And I spent 15 minutes of hard pressure, drilling intently into the bottom of cup, only to find that I had barely made a dent. So I gave up. I went to a DIY message board for some advice. I was told that it really would take forever to drill through the ceramic and that I should be patient. I was told I should have gotten a diamond tipped drill bit. I was told my life would be made significantly easier by using a drill press. I decided to forgo holes and pot …