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Things I Love About Portland: Coffee Culture and Good Beer

Things I love about Portland, Part III. Coffee Culture In Portland, coffee is plentiful. And it’s good coffee.  Readily found on almost every corner, the ubiquitous coffee shop not only proffers delightful drinks, it offers a comfortable space to hang out with your laptop. Unlike San Francisco, where you’re glared at for sitting around too […]

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Things I Love About Portland: Food Carts and Voodoo Donuts

Things I love about Portland Part II: Food Carts Portland does food carts like no other town. It’s fun to walk through downtown and see food carts lining the streets and people lining up for the food carts. Dozens of options, every type of cuisine imaginable, and good prices are hard to beat. Yesterday I […]

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Things I Love About Portland: Vintage Clothing Stores and Powells Books

I’m on vacation in Portland this week. I went to college here, and I love this city. Adam and I decided that if we were orphans we would live here. (Since we’re both very close to our families, I want to live in Seattle and he wants to live in Santa Barbara. But if we […]

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