Sew Grateful Giveaway [CLOSED]

Thanks as always to Debi of My Happy Sewing Place for hosting Sew Grateful week. To celebrate, I’m starting the week off with a giveaway of 3 patterns! First up is this cute Jiffy Apron pattern from Simplicity 5763 published in 1964. Size miss medium, it’s for bust 34-36, waist 26-28, hip 36-38, although it’s such a simple shape, it would be a breeze to grade up or down or just loosen or cinch the waist belt. It’s so retro with the 60’s styling, but it’s such a staple it could be made modern. “Easy-cut/Easy-sew”. I promise to toss in a few other vintage sewing goodies with this pattern. Second, I have a modern Simplicity 2187. There’s an oversized top for stretch knits as well as a dress and jumpsuit suitable for stretch knits and lightweight wovens. I bought it for the jumpsuit, but the more I stare at the …


Sew Grateful For Mom Blouse

 My sew grateful project is for my mom. Who better to show my appreciation than the woman who sewed my clothes as a kid, let me raid her fabric stash when I decided I wanted to start sewing as a tween, and taught me how to read a pattern and do things right when I finally had the patience to ask for help as a teenager.


Why I am Sew Grateful

I am sew grateful because sewing brings me great happiness. Sewing is more than a hobby for me. It is a creative and intellectual pursuit and brings me great peace and happiness. I am sew grateful because sewing brings me closer to my mother. My mom sewed a lot of my clothing for me when I was a child and she has since become an amazing quilter. Having a shared interest brings us closer, allows us appreciate and understand each other’s successes and stresses. I am sew grateful because sewing brings me closer to history. Long considered women’s work, home sewing has experienced a revival and a reclamation of the skill as something of value and pride. I appreciate what it can teach me about the past and the pride that I can be a part of carrying it into the future. I am sew grateful because sewing is something …


Sew Grateful Giveaway

I’m excited to announce a giveaway as part of a the Sew Grateful week. The winner will get 10 yards of fabric of their choice from my stash! I’ve listed all of my fabric with description and yardage on a recent blog post. The winner can email me with a list of fabrics they would like (with a couple of backup choices in case they’ve chosen one of the few fabrics I can’t part with) and I’ll send them 10 yards of fabric! Giveaway ends this Saturday, February 9th.