Sunday Stash


Today’s theme is “Evie’s Room”. Right now, Evelyn sleeps in our walk-in-closet-turned-nursery, and she’ll probably be there for a while. But she’s about to start moving around and I’d really like for her big girl room to be set up so that she has her own place to play where she can safely do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants, even if she won’t be sleeping there for quite a while. When I first found out I was pregnant, I started perusing Pinterest for nursery decoration ideas and got excited about a forest theme. I’m not very tapped into the quilting world as I only dabble in quilting, but I’ve long crushed on just about every single pattern Elizabeth Hartmann has released and I have my heart set on making her Fancy Forest quilt for Evie for her big girl room. My mom recently bought the pattern for …


Sunday Stash


Today’s theme is “Gifts”. First off, a gift for me! My birthday was earlier this month and my awesome fabric-enabler mom bought me a box of Cotton & Steel fat quarters. Yippee! I’m a dabbler-in-quilts, but my mom is a pretty amazing quilter and is doing everything she can to get me more into quilting. I’m certainly going to have to make some more quilts since I have 40 (!!!) C&S fat quarters to use now! I’m not sure what I will do with most of the fat quarters, but I would like to make a tree skirt for our Christmas tree and there are a chunk of Christmas-y fabrics that would play nicely together. We’ll see if that happens in time for this year… The other gift-y fabric is several yards of Robert Kaufman mammoth flannel that I bought from The Confident Stitch when they were just having a …


Sunday Stash


Today’s theme is “fabric I bought in the middle of the night while feeling sorry for myself.” There hasn’t been much sleep in our house since munchkin made her entrance 6 months ago. She’s an amazing baby and good at so many things. Sleeping is not one of those things. We’ve worked really, really hard to teach her to sleep the best we can, and we’ve made massive progress recently, but there have most definitely been plenty of nights where I was awake for hours with a screaming baby in the middle of the night and needed something, anything, to make myself feel better. So, fabric it was! Girl Charlee was having a sale on bundles of off-prints and I swooned for this floral. I’ve already used some of it to sew a plantain tee, but have many yards left so there will be more in my wardrobe! It came …


Sunday Stash

Black color swatch silk

Even though the time I have to sew is at a minimum right now, that certainly doesn’t seem to stop me from bringing home fabric to add to my stash. Yes, I’m an unabashed fabric hoarder. I thought it would be fun to share my fabric stash additions and the ideas I have for them and of course I’d love to know if you have any ideas for them as well! (The idea for Sunday Stash themed blog posts was unabashedly inspired by my latest quilting blogger crush Molli Sparkles.) Most of my fabric comes from the thrift store on my island. It’s a fabric hoarder’s dream – every week is a new assortment of all sorts of fabrics, and most of them are $2 a yard. Yes, you read that right! This beauty is silk crepe (yes, real silk at $2/yard – see why my stash keeps growing and …


White Linen Cropped Victoria Blazer

white crop victoria blazer by hand london

At first I wasn’t terribly sold on the Victoria blazer by By Hand London. It just felt a little too late 80’s – early 90’s to suit my style, and I’m not usually a fan of boxy clothing on my torso. However, I’ve been swayed by many cute versions popping up on the blogosphere, so when I ordered the Anna dress pattern (stay tuned for a couple versions of it coming up!), I figured I would save on shipping and added the Victoria to my shopping cart. I’m so glad I did! I made up the Victoria in off-white linen, fully lined in the same fabric. (Like many, I opted to add a lining to the sleeves). I actually intended to line it with a fun blue batik print, but I didn’t want there to be any chance of the blue bleeding onto the white linen in future washes, so I …


My Stash is Out of Control

Grey cat in fabric stash

As part of my Organize January mission, and inspired by the stashbusting sewalong, I decided to take every piece of fabric I own off the shelf, measure it, organize it into piles, fold it back on the shelf, and make a spreadsheet quantifying my stash. Oh my goodness I have a lot of fabric. I have 254 yards of stashed fabric. Even I will admit that it’s a bit excessive. If I don’t count fabric that I have been given and don’t count fabric that I’ve had since highschool, it leaves me with 100 yards. That’s still a lot. So, I’m putting it out to the world that I’m happy to share my fabric! I’ve photographed everything and listed a description and yardage in the same order as the picture.  So, if anything catches your eye, let me know!!

Thrift Store Scores

thrift store fabric

I’ve been at the thrift store a lot in the last few weeks as I’ve gotten things to make holiday presents (mostly  tons of picture frames, to be revealed after Christmas). I’ve been rushing in and out with a specific goal and haven’t bothered to browse. I swung past the sheet section on my way to the register and found a whole shelf of fabric, several pieces of which I just couldn’t pass up. My favorite piece is the bold baseball fabric. Clearly printed with little boys in the 80’s in mind, it’s just too ridiculous for me to pass up. I’m going to have to make something for my mom and stepdad out of it as they are big baseball fans. I don’t know what, but something. There was an almost-full bolt of off-white polka-dot quilting fabric which I will give to my mom, the quilter who loves polka-dots. …


More Fabric Stash Additions

guatemalan fabric

Many more thanks to my fabulous mentor and friend. She already sent me a box of fabulous fabric. When I got home from Alaska, I found another box waiting for me. Hooray! I was so proud of myself for recently getting my fabric all organized and nicely folded and fit into a single bookshelf. Well, with these two new boxes of fabric, it doesn’t all fit in on bookshelf any more, but I’m certainly not complaining! I opened the box to find these beautiful fabrics. I’m guessing South American? There’s not a lot of yardage, but they would be gorgeous as the yoke and pockets on a blouse, maybe with a matching purse. I love the colors. This is a blouse weight fabric with a lot of yardage. My first thought is 50’s shirtdress, but that’s my first thought when I encounter any light to mid-weight fabric in yardage. I …


Fabric Stash Additions

rayon prints

I just got a box of fabric from a colleague/mentor/friend! A couple of years ago, she spent a semester sabbatical in my lab where we got to know each other and shared many discussions about knitting, sewing, and making things. I saw her again at a conference last month. She commented that she was ready to clean out some boxes of fabric from the attic/basement and asked if I was interested. Of course I am!!! The package started with these three pieces of linen. The colors look so nice together that I feel compelled to use them in the same project – a colorblock summer dress perhaps? Although each would individually make a very nice blouse. Two pieces of interesting prints. The brown and blue is definitely synthetic (probably rayon?) and is the perfect weight and strength for lining purses and bags (and I love having pretty fabrics greet me …