Happy Hippo Dress

I know that just about every time I sew a new dress I go on about how it’s my favorite. And I totally recognize that the sillier the fabric I use for the dress is, the more I rave about how it’s going to be a wardrobe staple (e.g. my Farm Animals dress, Southwest Eyeblinder dress, or Baseball Staple dress). And, recognizing my behavior patterns, I’m going to repeat them. Because OMG look at this dress! It’s my new favorite thing and I’m going to wear it all the time!! For serious! So where do I find all this amazing/ridiculous/awesome fabric? The thrift store. All of those amazing/ridiculous/awesome dresses were sewn from fabric I bought at the thrift store, most from Granny’s Attic, the thrift store on my island. When I lived in San Francisco I didn’t have nearly such good luck finding awesome fabrics at thrift stores because everything was …


Thrift Store Score: Paper Pieced Quilt Chunk

I found this cute little piece of a quilt at a vintage store in Napa and bought it for my mom (because I stash only garment fabric and she stashes quilting fabric although I may be known to steal fabric from her stash for each of my own quilt projects making it like a large extension of my own stash). It’s paper pieced, like the last set of blocks I did for my BOM quilt. The contrasting stitches that you see on the top of each hexagon are basting stitches. They sew the fabric to the paper and will eventually be ripped out when all of the fabric pieces have been pieced together. A talented and experienced quilter will sew the hexagons together so that no stitches are visible (unlike the multitude of grey stitches visible here). The lady at the store told me that the quilt piece is vintage, …


Thrift Store Scores: California Pottery Vintage Cookie Jars

I originally found this yellow hippo cookie jar at a thrift store in town and bought it as a joke. Shortly after moving into our new apartment, a couple of years ago, I set out for an afternoon walk to the thrift store. Adam asked me what I was looking for and I told him “something yellow for our bedroom because it needs more color.” He wondered what I had in mind, and I told him “anything yellow. I’m going to find something yellow for the bedroom.” And I did. I found the hippo cookie jar on the shelf at Goodwill for $2. Adam laughed at me when I arrived home with it under my arm, but I thought it was tacky in all the right ways and it’s since been a focal highlight for our bedroom. Last week, I found this cat cookie jar at an antique mall and …


Closet ReOrganization

I have a small closet in my bedroom. And I have to share it with my boyfriend. This has been a point of contention between us since we moved in together, 1 1/2 years ago. We’re both only-children, so sharing space isn’t a strong point for either of us. He thinks that he should get half the closet since it’s half his home. I think he should just get rid of the clothes he doesn’t wear and then there would be plenty of space for me to take over the closet. We had to agree to disagree for the sake of our relationship.

Thrift Store Score – McCoy Bostonian Crocks

I’ve been collecting two-tone brown and tan crocks for our kitchen. I recently found another set at the thrift store that had to come home with me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I brought home a little bit of American history.

Thrift Store Scores

I’ve been at the thrift store a lot in the last few weeks as I’ve gotten things to make holiday presents (mostly  tons of picture frames, to be revealed after Christmas). I’ve been rushing in and out with a specific goal and haven’t bothered to browse. I swung past the sheet section on my way to the register and found a whole shelf of fabric, several pieces of which I just couldn’t pass up. My favorite piece is the bold baseball fabric. Clearly printed with little boys in the 80’s in mind, it’s just too ridiculous for me to pass up. I’m going to have to make something for my mom and stepdad out of it as they are big baseball fans. I don’t know what, but something. There was an almost-full bolt of off-white polka-dot quilting fabric which I will give to my mom, the quilter who loves polka-dots. …

Thrift Store Scores

Still looking for furniture, I went to the thrift store again on the way home from a not-too-long day in the lab. Guess what I found! The teacups that match the Corelle plates that I found last week! I found a cute little mid-century dresser that fits perfectly in the one little gap in our sewing room/office/guest room. Adam wants a way to organize his office supplies better and a place to set the printer that isn’t the floor. I put drawer organizers in the top shelf. I bought him some expanding folders, but if that doesn’t work for him, I have ideas about how to turn the bottom two shelves into a hanging file-folder. We’ll see what the verdict is when he gets home and gets used to it. Finally, I found this cute basket to hold my butcher paper, yarn swift, roll of buckram, rolled oilcloth, and wrapping …


Vintage Pink Samsonite Luggage Set

Accompanying me on my last two weeks of travel was the most delightful set of luggage that I have ever encountered. I actually cried at the vintage/antique store where I found it because I wanted it so bad. (Seriously, I teared up at the thought that I really should have walked away. I didn’t really have the money to buy them but they were so absolutely totally perfect for me that I couldn’t pass them up.) The set is a vintage Samsonite set in a delightful mottled pink and orange. It includes the large hard sided case, the small soft sided case, a train case, and a carry-on. I’m in love. Really and truly. The insides of the cases are in just as good condition as the outsides. I’ve bought many pieces of vintage samsonite before (at Goodwill by the pound in Portland, also known as The Bins). I always …

Thrift Store Scores

I’ve had a rough week in lab. Wednesday was particularly disheartening, so I did what a stereotypical female would do – go for some retail therapy on my lunch break. In my case, I went to the thrift store. I got a gigantic stack of lovely items that definitely helped to put a smile back on my face! This big green pot is bringing more color to my kitchen and holding my new pot of herbs. I just have to remember to continue to water the herbs so they stay green as well. Note to self.