Thrift Store Scores

I’ve been at the thrift store a lot in the last few weeks as I’ve gotten things to make holiday presents (mostly  tons of picture frames, to be revealed after Christmas). I’ve been rushing in and out with a specific goal and haven’t bothered to browse. I swung past the sheet section on my way to the register and found a whole shelf of fabric, several pieces of which I just couldn’t pass up.

My favorite piece is the bold baseball fabric. Clearly printed with little boys in the 80’s in mind, it’s just too ridiculous for me to pass up. I’m going to have to make something for my mom and stepdad out of it as they are big baseball fans. I don’t know what, but something. There was an almost-full bolt of off-white polka-dot quilting fabric which I will give to my mom, the quilter who loves polka-dots.

For myself, I’m keeping the pretty African batik (again, don’t know what I’ll do with it) and the dancing skeletons. Seriously, dancing skeletons where pink Converse tennis shoes!??!? It will be a dress for me come next summer.

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