Purple Ruby Joggers

Even though it’s highly tempting, since I work from my office in the basement of our house, I don’t actually spend every day in sweatpants. However, I do pretty much always end up in sweatpants at some point every day, whether it’s first thing in the morning when I pull something cozy on while I get Buglet up and get my morning tea or at the end of the day when I curl up on the couch to watch some TV with my partner. That being said, it’s kinda nice to have more than one pair of sweatpants.

I sewed up a pair of Paprika Patterns Ruby Joggers. If you don’t already have a favorite jogger pattern (or if you’re willing to cheat on your favorite), the Ruby Joggers are worth checking out. I know they’re a bit late to the jogger game (like me), but they’re unique from other jogger patterns in that they have a wide fabric waistband/yoke on both front and back (with elastic hidden and only in the back) so they’ve got a bit more polished appearance than an average pair of sweatpants. Yeah, yeah, I see you judging mine. I know. In plain ugly 90’s purple sweatshirting there’s no disguising the fact these are sweatpants. But just you wait until I sew them again in prettier fabric – they’ll totally be worthy of leaving the house in! (And look at Lisa’s examples in the meantime if you don’t trust me).

My main fabric is exactly as described – plain ugly 90’s purple sweatshirting – that I picked up at the thrift store. It kinda gives me flashbacks to some sweatpants that I wore as a kid in the 90’s before I started trying to look cool. The contrast is a cotton ribbing that I haven’t loved for sweatshirt cuffs (as intended) as it has no recovery, but it’s perfect and cozy for the yoke and cuffs of the Ruby – though if you are going to do something similar, note that the yoke is drafted to be made out of a minimally stretchy sweatshirt fleece so you’ll likely need to cut it down some if you have a stretchy fabric (or use it without cutting down if you have a belly or thick waist and don’t want to have to modify the pattern pieces for fit).

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  1. I’m currently making the Rugy Joggers. Generally pleased. Need to tweet to get a perfect fit.

  2. I really like the more polished look of these. I ‘m also late in the jogger game, but lately I’m missing joggers in my closet. So I think I’ll go for Ruby, the flat front really appeals to me.

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