Thrift Store Score: Paper Pieced Quilt Chunk

paper pieced

I found this cute little piece of a quilt at a vintage store in Napa and bought it for my mom (because I stash only garment fabric and she stashes quilting fabric although I may be known to steal fabric from her stash for each of my own quilt projects making it like a large extension of my own stash). It’s paper pieced, like the last set of blocks I did for my BOM quilt.

paper pieced closeup

The contrasting stitches that you see on the top of each hexagon are basting stitches. They sew the fabric to the paper and will eventually be ripped out when all of the fabric pieces have been pieced together. A talented and experienced quilter will sew the hexagons together so that no stitches are visible (unlike the multitude of grey stitches visible here).

paper pieced reverse

The lady at the store told me that the quilt piece is vintage, but mom and I pulled out a piece of the paper and it didn’t look very old. Perhaps this quilt bit came from someone’s grandmother, but I don’t think it’s vintage, unfortunately. Regardless, it’s a fun little decorative bit that looks cheery tacked to my mom’s bulletin board.

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