Sew News Braided Scarf and a Podcast

sew news aug sep 2014

While I’ve clearly been busy with getting married this weekend and preparing to leave the country (and my sewing machines!) for four months tomorrow, a couple of exciting things that I’ve been working on have recently seen the light of day. My first article in Sew News magazine came out in the August/September 2014 issue – keep your eyes out because I have several more articles coming out in future issues.

do the twist sew news seamstresserin

The pattern in the Aug/Sep issue was named Do The Twist and shows how to “create a versatile silk scarf that only looks complicated.” It explains how to make an 8-stranded braid of fabric and sew it into a scarf. I will admit that I like the shorter corduroy version more and will definitely be wearing that sample this winter! It’s a pretty easy project but it has a high impact and just think of all the different colors and fabrics you could use!

sewing-affair podcast

In other fun news, I recorded a podcast with the lovely Corinne Begg of the Sewing Affair. She’s just started a podcast with the thought that she’s always curious what it would be like to get to chat with other sewing bloggers – so the podcast gives her the excuse and allows others to slake their curiosity as well! I had a delightful time chatting with her (seriously, we couldn’t stop talking!) and was honored to help her kick off her new podcast!

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I Am My Own Von Trapp Family

Several sources of good ideas and grand intentions went into making this monstrosity of an outfit. First, I wanted to try sewing another Summer Concert Tee but thought it would be an interesting experiment to use a woven fabric. Second, I seem to be on an orange kick recently and this thrifted duvet cover in […]

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Wedding Shawl for my Mother

To honor the women that have been mothers to me, I am knitting each of them a lace shawl to wear to my wedding. I want to thank my mother, stepmother, godmother, and mother-in-law each for their love and guidance and support in my life. I picked a different yarn and different pattern for each […]

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My Week in Pictures

This week was hard for me and, for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t feel like blogging. I know my posts have been spotty this summer, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t had any routine since we’ve moved. I felt really low this week for a number of reasons. […]

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Four Months in SE Asia

Coming up soon, Adam and I are taking a four month honeymoon. I am so excited (and a little bit terrified, not only because I will be 4 months without a sewing machine!). I’ve been dreaming about such a trip for a very long time, and as I struggled through the end of graduate school, […]

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Blackberry Liquorice Cocktail or Mocktail

I’m surrounded by so many ripe blackberries that I’m needing to get creative with how I use them since a girl can only eat so many baked goods and drink so many smoothies (although I don’t think I’ll ever tire of eating them right off the vine)! Long, hot summer evenings are perfect for plopping down on […]

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Knit Robe as Bridal Shower Gift

My go-to present for every wedding shower and bachelorette party is a handmade robe. It’s a garment that’s easy to make for others, can be alluring without being overly sexy, and is both pretty and functional. This week I had a joint wedding shower with my godsister Rachel (who gets married this weekend!), thrown for […]

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DIY Wedding Makeup

Before leaving San Francisco, I made friends with the Hannah, the brilliantly creative lady behind the Dress Up Box. She’s a super talented makeup artist and offered to teach me some pointers about how to do my own makeup for my wedding. What follows is the process and some of the tips she shared with […]

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