Sew It All TV


Wow. One week ago I filmed an episode of Sew It All TV, a PBS sewing TV show. I remember reading all about Morgan and Matt (of Thread Theory)’s giant road trip that they did from Vancouver, BC to Denver, CO and back so that they could film an episode of Sew It All TV and thinking “Wow! That is so cool! Maybe someday I could do the same thing!” And lo and behold, “someday” hit long before I thought it would!


When I got the email from Ellen March, host of Sew It All TV, I really couldn’t believe it. I mean, there are so many awesome women out there teaching sewing and writing sewing patterns. How did I ever make it onto their invite list?!?!? I mean, I do know part of the answer. I’ve been writing patterns for Sew News and Sew It All magazines, two of the magazines that Ellen edits (I’ve gotten to see one in print, one has printed while I’ve been traveling, and a few more are in the pipeline. Lead time on magazine articles is loooooong.) So I know why she knows me. But I was still a little shocked and totally honored to be an invited guest!


Unfortunately, the filming couldn’t have come at a worse time for my dreams of a multi-state road trip to visit fabric stores and sewing friends. It filmed while I’m still in the middle of our giant 4 month honeymoon round-the-world trip. We flew back to the states for the most whirlwind week that included the filming (5 US cities in just over a week while we picked up/dropped off things in storage, went to a dear friend’s wedding, gathered as family for Adam’s dad to have surgery (he’s fine now), Adam taught a class, and I filmed the show. Whew!) And now a week later I’ve already been in Manila for several days. Wow.


I wrote the pattern and sewed all the samples and step-outs the week before our wedding. It was stressful, to say the least! I digitized it and graded it while thousands of miles away from my sewing machines, so I am ever so grateful to the handful of awesome women (they know who they are!) that pattern tested for me! The finished episodes are sent to PBS stations in late March but it’s up to each station to decide if and when they want to air the episodes, so check you local listings for Sew It All TV starting in April!!


I really can’t thank Ellen and the other super friendly staff of Sew It All TV enough for their generosity, kindness, and all around awesomeness on the day of filming. The entire show is shot in one shot with no rehearsal, so every “um” and nose-rub (I had a bad cold) is preserved for perpetuity. (I actually had to tell the camera guy that when they did the final editing, they should double check which camera they used at a certain point because I actually had snot drip from my nose while filming and I would really appreciate it if they could use the camera pointing at my hands not my face at that time! Ewww!) It was nerve-wracking but everyone was so sweet and supportive that I couldn’t imagine being set up for a better experience, so thanks again to all of them!

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Nanny’s 1940’s Silver Thimble

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