Naming the Overeducated Seamstress Series

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When I was thinking about having a series of posts on my blog from other sewists talking about their personal connections between their experiences in academia and being a sewist, I thought I would call it Ph.D. Seamstresses, because that is what I call myself. I pulled together a list of people who have commented on my blog at various times that they relate to my experiences, having gone through similar experiences themselves. At the last minute, I realized that the list included M.A.’s and M.D.’s and other strings of letters, so I had to come up with another title, and quickly. So, I switched to Overeducated Seamstress.

What I never considered is that anyone might find the title offensive. So, I want to apologize to anyone that I have inadvertently offended. I’m sorry. I hope by explaining my reasoning, I can remove any offense. “Overeducated” is a term that my graduate school friends and I would bandy about in a self-deprecating manner to describe the path that we took. It is not meant to be a judgement on anyone’s education level or life path. I really didn’t mean for it to imply that sewing is beneath anyone or that education level necessarily has anything to do with one’s ability to sew or one’s merit as a sewist.

I strongly believe that sewing is an inclusive hobby and that’s one of the reasons that I love it. I have met and befriended all sorts of women with all sorts of life stories that I never would have had the chance to meet if it weren’t for sewing, and it has certainly enriched my life.

I do believe that each individual’s background is relevant because it is that background that has gotten her to where she is today. By hosting the blog series, I wanted to celebrate and learn from other women who have been on a similar life path as me – to share that this particular set of hurdles that we have crossed taught us about our shared passion of sewing. But I really didn’t mean to imply that this particular path had any inherent merit over any other person’s path. In my mind, the series would be just as interesting if it was themed “What having 3 kids taught me about sewing” or “What traveling around the world taught me about sewing” or “What being a Sunday school teacher taught me about sewing” – but those aren’t the paths that I have followed.

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