2012 Roundup

Wow! What a year. It’s been great fun to have a new website this year and to fill it up with fun DIY sewing/knitting/craft projects and inspirations. I hope you’re enjoying it as well! I put together a visual overview of what I’ve made this year. I can’t get the darn image map to work, so you can’t click the pictures, but all the links are listed below.


Clothes: Floral Paisley Sundress, Plaid Romper, Scallops to Greece Dress, Woven T-shirts, Derp Skirt, Curtain Panel Skirt, Guatemalan Cowgirl Skirt, Ruffled Jumpsuit, Floral Print Jeans, Denim High-Waist Jeans, 40’s Blouse, 40’s Trousers, Sage Velour Thurlow Shorts, Grey Wool Thurlow Shorts

Around the House: Sweaters Blanket, Wool Leaf Potholders, Fabric Canvas, Cork Coasters, Tree Ring Coasters, Spray Painted Dinosaur, Stuff Sack, Hexagon Quilt

Accessories: East/West Purse, Duffel Bag, Suitcase Cozy

Baby: First Fair Isle Sweater, Baby Shoes, Toddler Activity Book

Floral Paisley Sundress Romper From Scallops to Greece Jumpsuit Curtain Panel Maxi Skirt Toddler Activity Book Baby's First Fair Isle Skinny High-Waist Jeans Woven T-shirts 1940's Blouse 1940's Trousers Derp Skirt Guatemalan Cowgirl Blouse Duffel Bag Hexagon Quilt Stuff Sack Suitcase Cozy Grey Wool Thurlow Shorts Sweaters Blanket Painted Dinosaur Wool Leaf Potholders Wool Tree Ring Coasters Wine Cork Coasters Brown Floral Jeans Denim Baby Shoes East West Knit Purse Green Velour Thurlow Shorts Fabric Canvas

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