Hey! I’m Erin. I love to make things and I love to make people smile. I look at every day as another chance to play dress up. I sew, knit, craft, quilt, cook, and do needlework. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

I’m almost 30 (yikes!) and live in a small island off of Seattle (Vashon) with my awesome husband, Adam, and our cat Tig. Right now we are in the middle of traveling for a few months (not Tig, she’s living with my mom while we are gone).

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How it all started:


When I was in middle school, I decided I wanted to sew so I could have clothing that was long enough (I was 5’10” at age 12). Mostly, I decided to teach myself, and learn everything the hard way. My mom sewed a lot of my clothes when I was a baby and all of my Halloween costumes growing up so she was a source of inspiration and a go-to for questions. My dad’s mother sewed all of her clothing when she was young (she was 6’ tall in the 1940’s!) and I was lucky enough to sew my first pair of pants with her. She taught me basic pattern alteration skills and to quest for perfection. She tried to teach me patience, but that’s always been a lost cause.


My mom is an amazing and passionate quilter. She is also part of a group of talented friends that meets every week to stitch, what they call their “quilty ladies.” I’m welcomed as a guest to the group any time I visit. With such talent and passion around me, it’s no wonder I’ve gotten sucked into quilting myself.


I took up knitting in college so that I could have something to fidget with while I attended lectures. It has grown into a passion for me. As a means for garment construction, I think it’s a perfect complement to sewing as it has different physical properties, different structural capabilities, and yet ends up with the same fate – as something to cover a body in a pretty way.


Embroidery and needlepoint are my most recently developed hobbies. Again, my mother inspired and encouraged me to get started. I turned to needlework as a means for creating science inspired art.

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